"OMG he's so tiny!!!!" (aka- Owen's Birth Story Part 2)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Yesterday I shared Part 1 of Owen's birth story... today we wrap up the crazy little adventure we had bringing my sweet BoBo into the world, and we get to celebrate him turning 2!!! How time flies...

***Disclaimer... retelling the birth of a baby requires details and the use of words like cervix and dilation and so on and so forth. Don't blame me, it's science. I don't make the rules..***

Tuesday, August 12th...

We woke up in the hospital at about 6:00am... well, I woke up anyways and woke Neal up by saying "hey, are you awake??"

I was ready to get the ball rolling!!

The normal hospital stuff all got under way... IV was put in, vitals were taken, monitors on my belly to monitor my contractions and Owen's heartbeat were strapped on... awesome mesh granny-style hospital panties put on.


Check, check, and check. I was looking good in those panties and hospital gown, let me tell ya.

My Doctor came in a little after 7am to get my induction started... and told me to eat breakfast (mmmm flavorless hospital soggy pancakes.... )

Bulb thingy full of saline (same technique we did with Austin) inserted to get me to dilate to 3cm, and we were off!

The morning passed with some pain, for sure. I had a couple of hours of pretty intense contractions and my awesome husband rubbed my back.

morning contractions looked promising!!

And then for some reason.. the pain subsided around 10:00am and we walked the maternity ward a few times, I paced around in the room quite a bit, laid in the bed for an eternity to try and get progress to come back.

This labor was so different already than Austin's... Austin's was fast and furious and I was in terrible pain as soon as I was induced and BOOM he was born.

Owen... well, sweet little Owen was in less than a rush.

When Dr. B came in to check me at noon, I hadn't had a contraction or any pain in several hours. Nice, since I wasn't in pain.... but not exactly promising when the point of the day was to get a baby out of me.

I told Dr. B that I wasn't in pain, so there wasn't much he could do.. the bulb thingy needed to do it's job, so we had to keep waiting.

Right after Dr. B left, I went to the bathroom... and lo and behold.. there was the bulb! It fell out of me because it had done it's job and got me to 3cm dilated.

I yelled through the door to Neal to tell them the bulb fell out and my nurse went out of the room to try and catch Dr. B in the hallway... he said to start me on pitocin.

Ho boy.

I braced myself for the worst. As soon as I got pitocin with Austin I was pretty much sick with pain instantly and could barely catch my breath between contractions... so I was expecting the same experience this time.

They started me at the lowest dose- .5- and we waited.


They upped me to a dose 1... and we waited.


We were upped to a dose of 2. Then 4. Then 5. Then 6.

I kid you not.... nothing.

No pain. No contractions. Nothing.

It was almost 4:00pm at this point and my Mom had texted me wanting to know when they should head up to the hospital to meet Owen.

Umm..... don't pack your bags quite yet, Mom.

I called her and told her that I was not progressing quickly, if at all, and that Owen wasn't going to be born anytime soon. With the 2 hour drive from Springfield, and Austin's bedtime and all that, it wasn't going to make sense for them to come up to see us at all that day.

I think everyone... our families, the nurses, my friends, and even Neal and I, expected this labor to go really fast since Austin came fast and this was my second pregnancy.

Lesson #1 learned in "Each Child is Different"

So here we are at 5:30pm.

Still no pain or contractions, and Dr. B came in with Dr. Kelly who would be working the night shift to get us all introduced.

Dr. Kelly checked me and I was (surprise!!!) still at only 3cm.


10 hours of labor so far and I'm at 3???? That's it???? Oh help me lord this was going to be a long process.

Dr. Kelly wanted to break my water to get things going a bit more, so we agreed.

I also got my pitocin increased to a dose 7... and... wait for it...within about 15 mins...


I forgot to mention Kenzie came to visit at this point because she was a few minutes away at her gym... thank you Kenz for helping me pass some time as we waited for things to happen!!

So. Here we are, starting to have contractions. I was ready. After all day of pretty much nothing, I really wanted this kid out, not to mention he NEEDED to come out because he had no fluid in there.

Every nurse I had all day, plus both Doctors B and Kelly all advised me to not wait for an epidural if I wanted one. Since this was my second pregnancy, they had seen too many women try and "wait a bit longer" and then dilate way too fast and miss their window for getting an epidural.

I went for a little over an hour with contractions just to make sure I was really ready to be numb and stuck in my bed. When I was to the point where I had to squeeze the crap out of Neal's hand, close my eyes and really breathe through the pain, I knew it was time.

They called the anesthesiologist and I had Neal help me go to the bathroom before he arrived... and that's when I completely lost it.

I started sobbing in the bathroom, and shaking... telling Neal "I don't want to do this. I don't want to, these scare me. I don't like epidurals, I don't want to..."

He was amazing and tried to soothe me, but my sobbing turned into huge, body-wracking shaking with fat tears running down my face as I was sitting up and getting prepped for the epidural.. and it got to the point where my nurse had to check my mental state by asking me what my name was, if I knew what was being done to me and if I consented to it.

Yep. I was the crazy lady who had to have the mental stability check.

I finally calmed down, got my epidural and could get some rest.

We passed several more hours.. me watching The Food Network (why I tortured myself with images of food when I hadn't eaten in over 12 hours I don't know....) and taking little cat naps.

Around 10:00pm my nurse checked me and I was at almost 6cm dilated. Sigh... things were still progressing slowly... very slowly.

So she went and got this peanut-shaped yoga ball thing and told me it was a miracle worker for getting your pelvis to open up and baby to drop.

So that was put between my legs as I laid in my bed and we passed another hour...

I was checked again at 11:15pm because I was starting to feel some pain and pressure in my cervix.... and my nurse said the magic words!!!!!!!

"Oh! His head is RIGHT THERE!!!!"


Thank you peanut ball thing... I was fully dilated, Owen was in my birth canal and it was time!!!

People started coming in, getting the doctor's tools ready, baby station table ready, they had to wake Dr. Kelly up from sleeping to come in and I was prepped to push.

I still wasn't feeling much pain or pressure, so I had to ask when I should push... the nurse told me to just start and take deep breaths in between... so I started...

And I pushed for 7 mins.

I know, I know.. hate me if you must. Labor the second time around... little bit easier for sure.

Right before Owen came out though, his heart rate dropped severely because he was coming out wrong. Instead of the back of his head presenting itself first, he had his head tilted back and his forehead was coming out first... and it was putting him in distress.

Dr. Kelly was not thrilled to do so, but she gave me a small episiotomy to help get the little guy out, so his heart rate didn't continue to drop. She simply stated "we've got to get him out... now."

On the last push out came this tiny (oh so tiny!!!!) perfect, beautiful little creature... he was put straight on my chest and the flood of ugly-crying-sobbing came out of me.

I couldn't stop kissing his little face and thanking God for another gorgeous little baby... how I ever got so lucky, I'll never know.

They had us do skin-to-skin for awhile before they took him to weigh him and I was shocked at HOW tiny he was.

Just 6lbs, 5oz and 19" long. Another reason I didn't have to push long.. he was a little dink!

It was a long day, 16 hours of labor, plenty of tears, more Food Network shows than Neal would care to watch in a day... but our family is complete.

My last baby..... the one that will fill my heart, and fill our home and change all of our lives yet again.

Little Owen.. my sweet little piglet... welcome to our family... we couldn't love you more.

We did it!

Daddy's first diaper duty
Welcome Owen Kyle Glynn!!!
My sweet peanut
Listening carefully to Daddy talk about how to hold baby brother gently
Little brother doesn't seem so bad!!

Heading home.. let the madness begin!!
And now... two years later...

Oh my heart....

"Wait..... he's gotta come like, NOW??" (aka- Owen's Birth Story Part 1)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I couldn't help myself.. when this picture popped up on Facebook, reminding me of what happened two years ago, I really wanted to share Owen's birth story... because it was frantic, hilarious, mad-cap and such a whirlwind. This was originally posted on my private family blog back in 2014.

Our little peanut has arrived!

I am officially a mother of 2 children... the immensity of that responsibility and thought haven't even sunk in yet, but I do know that I feel happy and complete.... and oh so very, very blessed.

The first part of Owen's birth story starts on Monday morning at 8:30 am...

My 38 week doctor appointment.

The end of the road... right before my 38 week appointment

Neal went with me, and we dropped Austin off at daycare and went and got a coffee before my appointment. I told Neal I was feeling a bit off and nauseous that morning, but didn't think too much of it.

We met with the doctor and all was good... no protein in the urine, good blood pressure, good weight gain... but then he measured me.

I measured 36"... and at 38 weeks pregnant, I shouldn't have been that small. Unless Owen had dropped. My Dr. checked me and said that Owen was low, but not that low. I wasn't dilated at all, and my cervix was still at 0%... it hadn't thinned at all. So him dropping was probably not the cause of my small belly.

So the other cause of measuring small would be low amniotic fluid. My Dr. was getting me scheduled to have an ultrasound at my following week appointment to check my fluid level and mentioned I should call if I noticed Owen's movements declining.

Just as he was about to leave, I piped up "well, he already has stopped moving a lot. Yesterday he didn't move at all."

So that alarmed Dr. B a bit and he decided to give me an ultrasound right then. He wheeled in the machine, took a look around and declared (in his sweet-yet-matter-of-fact way)- "yep- you have no fluid in there. You're done... we'll need to induce."

I started laugh-crying and going "you've got to be kidding me. You've GOT to be kidding me????"

How is pregnancy #2 ending the same way as pregnancy #1??

Both my pregnancies ended at exactly 38 weeks to the day, both ended abruptly, both ended with inductions, both ended with complications.

So.... apparently my body doesn't like to be more than 38 weeks EXACTLY pregnant.

I started panicking a bit.. this can't happen yet!!! What about work? I have so much to wrap up... Neal was supposed to help a friend run a football training camp... my maternity leave paperwork wasn't quite settled at work....so much still needed to happen before baby.

Dr. B wanted to hook me up to a NST (non-stress test.. it monitors baby's heart to make sure they aren't in distress in there) for 30 mins.

As he was hooking me up I asked... "So... when are we going to need to induce then?" thinking it would be in a few days or a week or so, like we when we made that decision with Austin because of my gestational hypertension.

Dr. B looked at me and smiled and said "today."

WHAT THE HELL??????????????????????????

The NST would determine the course we'd take... either A) we go over to the hospital that minute and get going (if Owen was in distress) or B) we'd have the day to get ready and we'd go in to induce that night.

The NST came back that Owen was fine, so Dr. B called the hospital and got us scheduled to go in that night.


Panic time.

We called our parents and my mom was like "WHAT????"

Um, yeah, my thoughts exactly.

She and my Dad were going to be up that night to get Austin to take home with them, so we wouldn't have worry about him while we were in the hospital and then have some time to settle at home after, with just Owen.

I rushed to work and told my boss what was going on, set up a "do not disturb" message on my email and frantically tried to wrap up 2 weeks of projects in about 5 hours.

I was frantically sweating the whole time.

Neal went home and cleaned, did dishes, changed our sheets (bless him... seriously) and got our house ready.

I felt so bad leaving my job so suddenly... I know things will be fine, but still... to all my co-workers reading this, I'm sorry!!!

I headed home around 2:30pm.. meaning to stay longer but I was starting to not feel well, and was having some pretty good cramping... the thought of "what if my body knows this is the end and I'm actually going into labor??" definitely entered my mind.

I woke Austin up at the tail end of his nap over at daycare and headed home. My parents arrived around 4:30pm and we got my hospital bag packed, Austin packed up for Camp Grandma.... and the hospital called and told me they wanted me to check in at 9pm that night, not 8pm like Dr. B stated earlier.

Dang... more time to just try and waste and be anxious.

After Austin and my parents left, I tried to relax... I took a shower, ate some food... my sweet friend Kenzie came over for some moral support and delivered magazines and candy to have at the hospital.

Finally it was time to leave. Neal and I headed off and went to his parents' house to drop off the dog and we just hung out there for a bit since they live 5 mins from the hospital.

Beautiful sunset as we headed to the hospital

Since I'm vain, I did my hair over at my in-law's while we waited. The last thing I wanted was my frizzy skanky air-dried hair in all our birth pictures.

Ok...finally time to go to the hospital. We got checked in and settled into our room... and the doctor on duty that night came in to tell us the somewhat bad news...

We would not be getting induced that night.

The hospital was at capacity and they had me check in basically just to secure my spot and room. They were under-staffed and had 4 women that night in active labor. Understandably, their attention and staff needed to focus on the women who were in the middle of giving birth. They didn't want to start my induction and risk a complication arising that they didn't have the staff to help with.

We understood, but were a bit disappointed. That just meant we wouldn't start the induction until the morning, and that would extend labor quite a bit.

But, what could we do..

So they gave me a sleeping pill, said good night and we got to just (try to) sleep....

The next day was going to be a busy, life-changing day.

The Bachelorette Ep. 9- It's "Ben" Fun...

Monday, August 1, 2016

In case you missed the big message this week, lemme fill ya in...

-This was the week Ben told JoJo he loved her last season. 
-This was the week JoJo told Ben she loved him. 
-This was the week Ben fell in love. 
-This was the week Ben broke her heart. 
-Ben Ben Ben Ben...

If I had known how often JoJo was going to bring up her "ex" Ben, I would have made a drinking game out of it. Sheesh. Get over it, JoJo!

Anyways... this was a cliffhanger week so we pick up at the Rose Ceremony and the always solemn Chris Harrison perfectly playing the part of Captain Obvious...


And I'm not just talking about the pain of the wax itself...

Even though Luke finally gave into the producers prodding and pulled JoJo aside to tell her he does indeed love her... it was alas, too little too late. 

JoJo thought their relationship was getting stronger, but made her decision to dump him because she just didn't know where he stood...


JoJo has a major #FirstWorldProblem meltdown because THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END help me GAWD but this is just the WORST thing EVUUUUURRRRRR....


Luke rides off into the sunset, possibly to be reunited with that unicorn he rode in on night one.. with only a dream in his heart that he'll someday find love....

Hey, stranger things have happened... maybe Becca will come back for a third season! Third time's a charm, after all...

The next day JoJo and her Herd are in Thailand and she's all yippee-skippee! Here's to love and adventure and kissing and my journey... and wha??? Is she sad about dumping who???

That was one quick turnaround, that's for sure... sobbing in a gown on a tarmac one minute... ready to shove her tongue down some throats the next. 

The heart sure does work in mysterious ways. 

Well while Luke is home sobbing and eating pint after pint of ice cream while listening to Celine Dion.... JoJo's date with Robby begins! 

He is STOKED because they are so passionate and intimate together.... doing stuff, you know, that you do when you are all intimate and shizz.


They walk through a Thai market and get Thai massages and talk about how awesome they are. How great it was they had their first "spat" during hometowns and how JoJo just looked past all his red flags about his ex... because that means they are honest with each other.. and that they have legit HONESTY. 


JoJo kept going on and on about how Robby makes her feel so safe, and she loves so much about him, and yada yada yada.... blah. Their chemistry is about as hot as Jasmine and Jafar's. 

Austin has been way obsessed with Aladdin lately so I've only seen the movie about a trillion times and that's basically all I can think about. 

Anyways... back to business. 

The night portion of the date comes around it's the same old song and dance we've had from JoJo for the past several weeks. She's falling in love but has CONCERNS. She has QUESTIONS. She has an OBLIGATION to make dramatic TV so she makes some stuff up..... 

She asks Robby what his family thought of her and he was like "LOL girl, you cray. Like they wouldn't just LURVE you... like, duh."

To prove to her than he means business with this whole "pretend to love you and get famous" gig he's got going on, he presents her with a note his "Dad" slipped in his pocket.... (Announcement- in tonight's episode, the part of "Dad" will be played by "ABC Intern Told To Make Good TV". Enjoy the show). 

Oh Robby... we see through your "Plan" like a kids sees through your attempt to hide Oreos from them...

They spend the night and do the things and the next morning JoJo is all a-twitter about the things and can just imagine waking up to Robby in all his gleaming glory every morning. But alas... she must be off to diddle with her next man...but not before she claims that she is in TROUBLE...


Jordan is all ready for some JoJo time because he knows how HE feels, he's in love... but... he needs to get a leetle better feel for her. *nudge nudge wink wink*

The cuppage of various parts of JoJo's body will have to wait though, because first they are off to hike a mountain! In the sweltering jungle heat. While wearing skintight clothes... So they just hang on each other and both lie about the "amazing" hike and say it was like totes the best experience EVER...


Up at the top of their hike they go into a cave that has a sacred temple inside... and find out they can't kiss while they are there, or the wrath of the gods will be upon them.. No worries though, because JoJo was like "LOL. No kissing? Good thing cuz we need to connect, like, emotionally. Not just at the genitals"


They chat in the cave and Jordan said hometowns were SO awesome, and her meeting his family was the last box he needed to check to fully get on the JoJo train....

Sorry you didn't get to check that final box, JoJo... we all know who we can *ahem* thank for that missed connection... #ThanksForNuthinAaron

JoJo still has concerns though, like if Jordan is really ready to commit to the "forever" aspect of their relationship... and worries if he is *gasp! clutch the pearls!* TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE????... which America answered her question with a resounding "HELL YES HE IS" but sadly I don't think she heard any of us. 

JoJo asks Jordan what the next year looks like for him. I mean, what's his plan? Where's he gonna live? What's he gonna do? And he basically just LOL'd, petted her head, told her "good dog" and she went on licking his hand affectionately..


Nealism: Wow. The more I see him, the more smarmy he becomes. 

Jordan doesn't know what the next year of his life will bring because.... FAME. Fame is yet to be had from this whole show thing, and who wants to tie themselves down?? I mean really. 

JoJo is concerned they will get out in the real world and discover they have huge differences...


JoJo persists though, and makes Jordan tell her why he loves her, because let's not forget this was the week BEN told her that same thing. BEN lied. BEN just said it. BEN ruined her life. BEN is the cause of all of this, dammit!!!!

Jordan says some things.. yada yada yada, they're in the Fantasy Suite. 

Neal- Good job. You said the right things... even though it was all flibbity flabbity flub.


The next day JoJo rolls out of her pleasure bed with Jordan to go do it all again (hopefully showering first) with Chase. They walk around a fishing village and Chase pulls out all the stops to impress our fair maiden...


JoJo is enjoying the day because Chase brings her so much joy! The day, like, COULD NOT get any better!!!!

While JoJo is off looking around every rock and in every cave for the possibility of Jordan being near... Chase is just in awe of it all. I mean it's all so magical! The fishermen! The boat! The fish! The water! Oh how he's longed to be a part of this world for SO LONG and experience those dingle-hoppers!


When they part to get freshened up for the night portion of the date, JoJo has a surprise at her door!

Robby came by to just, ya know.. see how things were going. Borrow a cup of sugar cuz he's baking cookies. Ya know, neighborly things. LOL. No. He came to drive his point home yet AGAIN that he legit loves her and wants to make sure he gets 5 more minutes of camera time. 


JoJo peels Robby off of her and goes to have dinner with Chase. He's giddy and appreciate of this journey that helped him open up and she was like "mm hmm. Ok. Cool. But, you are not Jordan. You need to sing for your supper, boy" and doesn't seem too thrilled when he says she makes him feel not scared anymore, because that is what love really is.

Neal- Wow, that's a smirk of disdain if I ever saw one.

Chase continues to be fooled and can't wait for the Fantasy Suite! He's not scared! It's not easy for him to say, but he is definitely in LOVE and wants JoJo to know it! 

If y'all are keeping score, we are at:
JoJo- 6
Chase- 0

Doesn't is seem like JoJo's thing? To push and push and push a guy about his feelings.. play the "I'm just not SURE about how you feel??" card and then freak out and ditch them when they finally open up? 

It's like a game to her, and nothing summed it up better than the GIF I found of Chase... realizing he was being broken up with, and somewhat laughing at the irony of it all...

JoJo just feels like their relationship is behind the other guys.. and even though she made out with him and got him excited all day long, things gotta stop right then and there!!! 

Chase is understandably mad about being dumped in the Fantasy Suite and doesn't think she gave him a fair chance. I mean, what was he missing? (ahem, swoopy hair, maybe??) JoJo just HATES herself for doing this, but she can't hurt him like BEN hurt her (this VERY week, don't forget!) but, if she has to hate herself for dumping him.. well, then she can live with that. 


Sorry Chase, you just don't have that Famous Brother in your corner to help you have an edge in this victory... now you must sadly drive away and try and crack jokes about how the van must be your Fantasy Suite....


The next day the Final 2 guys gather for the Rose Ceremony, and just as things are getting underway... Chase shows up and asks JoJo to go talk with him! The remaining guys are all befuddled at this confounding predicament...

Chase basically just wanted to apologize for getting mad the night before and save face a little bit, since he realized being the third place guy meant he could slide right into the Bachelor mansion himself... so he had to come across as a well-rounded, not aggravated guy and all...


He ain't mad 'bout it, and wants her to be happy, and to find love! Carry on, young lady! Fare thee well, go to yon splendid chaps and make merry! Tut tut!!!

Chase skips off and JoJo takes a moment to reflect on why she couldn't fall in love with Chase... I mean, WHY???

And after about .3 seconds of woeful soul searching is back ready to move on with her Final 2!


Obviously Robby and Jordan receive the final 2 roses and the realization of the situation hits our fair Captain Swoopy Hair hard...

Whoops.. looks like your plan may be derailed there, Jordan. Now you're gonna have to suck it up, put on a happy face, talk love talk and make JoJo believe you are in it to WIN it!

Who's it gonna be tonight guys?? And will the "happy" couple last for realsies?

The road to Happily Ever After (or at least until the People magazine cover shoot takes place, whichever comes first) is about to end!!

Little Bits of Life Lately- {7.29.16}

Friday, July 29, 2016

Wow... summer and blogging just don't mix, am I right?

Doing things, living life, chasing kids, busy work days, Bachelorette recaps... all make me more absent in just chronicling our life... which honestly is what I enjoy the most because I love looking back at my blogs and remembering these family moments. 

So brace yourself. Photo overload..... here's what we've been up to in July!

Neal goes on a golf trip with some buddies every year, so Austin went down to Camp Gramma and I was home with just Owen for a long weekend. It's always so nice to get 1-on-1 time with a kiddo, and even more so with the 2nd kid... we laughed and shopped and read books upside-down. #YerDoingItWrong 

Oh boy.. when brother came home from a week at Gramma's though... BROTHERS UNITE!!! These two were so happy to see each other and it just about made my heart explode, then melt in a puddle then dance around spewing glitter everywhere. I mean.. 

Once we were back as a family of 4... our busy summer continued! Austin did a week-long kiddie soccer camp. You know, where they take a water break every 5 minutes and you have to bring a whole cooler of snacks for the 45 minute camp. 

We were invited to a birthday party at a little kid's gym and Owen had no desire to participate with the party but just did his own thing the whole time... I can't believe how strong he's getting, and how fearless he's become. I mean, I can't even hang from those rings!!! 

Summers mean baseball in our family... Neal plays on a team and the boys LOVE being at the field... because there are things to hit (hopefully balls and not people's heads) and dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. So... if you are like "Jess, how's raising two boys going??" Well, there's your answer. 

We signed Austin up for a 4 week trial period of Tae Kwon Do. So far he loves it and he looks so cute in his little Gi (that's the robe/uniform thingy). My Mom came up to visit for a few days and got to watch one of his classes! The instructor talks about how to be a good person, and not bully, how to behave and think "like a black belt" and I love those lessons. We'll see if this is something we continue with!

Well that's been our life lately! Dirt, baseball, sports, dirt, wacky outfits and more dirt. Gotta love being a Boy Mom! 

I'll have my Bachelorette recap up soon for y'all!